“Shabumi” All You Can Eat Shabu Shabu Hotpot in San Diego

Is AYCE shabu shabu the new trend in San Diego. I’m excited if it is. I probably do an AYCE shabu shabu once a week for lunch as I’m that obsessed with it. Shabumi is a fairly new hot pot place and This AYCE hot pot style restaurant is located in the same plaza as Vons, CVS, 85c, and Kohls.

▼There are 9 kinds of meat to choose from; from Lamb Leg to US Wagyu Meat! There are two types of Wagyu selection here, Wagyu Chuck Tender & Eye of Round (Leg Meat)

▼ Huge Selections of vegetables ,  Seafood and more for you to build your perfect soup

▼Great service & friendly staff, the AYCE concept is simple: you choose an individual soup base, go up to the AYCE self serve buffet (vegetables, seafood, noodles, sauces), and you can order up to one protein/person at a time with a server.

  • Great Selection of meats (pick one protein per person each round)
  • Meat Selection Includes Lamb Leg to US Wagyu Beef
  • Wide selection of seafood & vegetables (zucchini, chrysanthemum leaves), seafood balls, and dumplings

All You Can Eat Special

  • Lunch&Happy Hour $18.99/person
  • Premium Lunch & Dinner  $26.99/person

ShabuMI (4 stars, 113 reviews)

  • 5667 Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA 92111
  • (858) 268-3311
  • Lunch: 11:30-4:30
  • Happy Hour: 9pm-close