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45% off Paint Nite: Picasso discovers a Cocktail party
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A connoisseur of cocktail and a connoisseur of painting walk into an artistic bar.

The bartender looks up and says, “You two lost?”

Confused, the connoisseurs ask, “What makes you think that?”

“If you two are looking for a night of social drinking in the presence of a creative outlet, you’re looking for Paint Nite.”

Presented with new information, the connoisseurs thank the bartender and depart for their new destination. Before making it out the door, the painter looked back at the bartender and asks,

“Was there a joke there somewhere?”

Smiling gently while washing a glass cup, the bartender replied,

“Nope. Just good business.”

Now in case the joke was a bit confusing (comedian in training), allow me to articulate myself.

Paint Nite


Paint Nite is a company that blends social drinking and creative painting together in such an exceptional manner that as a social being, it’s criminal (figuratively) to not give it a swirl (pun intended).


Located in literally anywhere a Paint Nite Instructor can be found in their 1,500 verified cities, Paint Nite is an event that is both easy to access and easy to schedule. As you can see from the website, it’s just a click away from a nite out!


The Nites (see what I did there) are filled with fun activities that revolve around drinking, painting, and conversing along existing friends or soon-to-be-buddies at the event (a friendship-making goldmine if you will).

Paint Nite is a modern take on interaction between human beings without the anxiety and fear of the unknown. You don’t even need to know how to paint!

Paint Nite has also been incredibly generous with us here at SoFunSD, giving us a 45% discount when you use the code: “SOFUNSD45” at the checkout window under Payment (shown below).
screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-12-12-16-pmSo whatcha waiting for? Come get buzzed and paint to your hearts content with our 45% off deal!

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So whatcha waiting for? Come get buzzed and paint to your hearts content!

For more information

Paint Nite
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📢新W(e)XlN: SOFUNmedia888 ⚠️2021版
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